Tips for Buying Car Batteries

A battery is one of the most important parts of your car. The efficiency of the battery has an effect on the general efficiency of your car. In order to ensure that your car starts and runs efficiently, you should only buy good car batteries. The following tips will help you in identifying a good car battery.

Size and Type

Size in this context refers to width, length, and height of the battery. The rights size will perfectly fit on your car's battery tray. The significance of choosing the right size is to ensure that the battery fits securely. In order to get the perfect size and type of battery for your car, refer to the manual and check the specifications indicated by the manufacturer.

Shelf Life

Do not buy a car battery that has been on a store shelf for more than six months. You can verify this information by checking the date stamp code. The date gives you specifics on the year of manufacturing. You will need to learn how to read the code in order to accurately interpret the year of manufacturing. Batteries lose their strength over time, even when they are not in use.

Maintenance Free

There are two types of batteries with regard to maintenance requirements – low maintenance and maintenance free. Low maintenance batteries would require you to top up distilled water every so often. These batteries are good if you live in hot areas. Maintenance-free batteries do not require water to be added. Low-maintenance batteries are cheaper compared to maintenance-free batteries.

Check the CCA

Checking the CCA – cold-cranking amps – enables you to determine the ability of the battery to start your car even during extremely cold conditions. The CCA also indicates the amount of current a battery can sustain for 30 seconds at zero-degree temperature. Higher CCA is recommended, especially for cars in cold areas.

Reserve Capacity

Before you buy a car battery, you should know how long that particular battery could run using its power alone. Should your alternator fail, a battery with a good reserve capacity will save the day. The reserve capacity rating is indicated in minutes, and may not be labelled on the battery. You should ask the store assistant or check the product literature.

Battery-Life Test

If you live in hot areas, this test is essential when buying a car battery. Regular high temperatures are tough on car batteries, increasing plate corrosion.