Exterior Lighting Tips for Your Commercial Space

Exterior lighting is just as important as your interior lighting. Your choice of exterior lighting will often make a significant impact on the security and safety of your commercial space and its aesthetic appeal. As you consider exterior lighting for your commercial space, whether during construction or when renovating the building, you will realise that you have many options to consider. That only means it would be best to consider the options' unique features to narrow them down to one that works best for your exterior commercial space. Evaluating your needs is one way to do this, and here's an in-depth look into what you need to do.

Choose Floodlights for Large Spaces

Illuminating hard-to-reach and large spaces such as parking lots with floodlights is a perfect way to enhance your commercial space's security when it gets dark. Floodlights are generally powerful and bright compared to standard options. They are a cost-effective and easy way to illuminate relatively large areas in your space. Besides, hidden places such as nooks behind corners can be challenging to light unless you install individual lighting (which would be costlier). Floodlights will do the trick for such challenges. For even brighter or superior lighting, go for LED floodlights. Halide and high-pressure sodium floodlights are also excellent options to consider because of their high brightness levels.

Install Motion Sensing Lights for Enhanced Security

Motion sensing lights work by detecting the infrared waves that people, animals or even cars radiate when they move. They will automatically turn on after detecting the radiation. Generally, motion-sensing lights contain photocells that deactivate them during the day, so they will only function when it's dark outside. Besides being an excellent way to help illuminate people's paths only when necessary, these lights can also help deter burglars.

Use Spotlights for Focused Lighting

It's usual to want some areas in your outdoor space to be more illuminated than others. It could be a waterway, a statue, architectural feature or signage that you need to stand out from the rest of the areas, and spotlights are the perfect solution. Unlike floodlights that illuminate a wider area, spotlights focus the light only on the key areas. However, be keen on spotlights because it's easy to overdo them. Therefore, identify a few significant features or areas that you need spotlights to keep your building from being overly lit. Besides drawing attention, too much lighting could mean high energy bills.

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