5 Hot Water System Problems That An Electrician Should Fix

A hot water system is a necessity in a home. Since it is in constant use, it's prone to breaking down. Typically, hot water systems contain mechanical and electrical elements that may hinder the system's efficiency when broken. Here are some of the main water heater problems that may require the attention of an electrician.

1. Thermostat Issues

The thermostat regulates the temperature of water in the heater. If you notice that the water is either too hot or cold, it is a sign that the thermostat is defective. Most times, the issue arises from a faulty thermostat control knob or reset button. When these components become too hard to operate, you should have an electrician fix or replace them. 

To find out whether the problem emanates from a faulty thermostat, compare the water temperature to the temperature reading on the thermostat's gauge. If the two temperatures are not the same, then the device is not working. 

2. Defective Circuit

The effectiveness of your electrical system is dependent on the circuit. When the circuit breaker trips too many times, it causes most of the systems to stop functioning. Though this problem can arise due to several things, a defective water heater can also be a culprit. Call a domestic electrical repairs company for proper diagnosis and repair of the problem. 

3. Wiring Faults

The heater's electrical wiring is susceptible to wear and tear. This is because minerals build up in the water tank, causing corrosion of the wires which run through the system. When the wires are corroded, different elements may get damaged and cause a breakdown of the entire system.

4. Flawed Heating Element 

Your water heater contains a coiled piece of metal. This metal is heated by electricity and transfers the heat to the water. When the element wears down or gets covered by mineral build-up, it fails to function. As a result, your heater will produce cold water. 

5. Old Heater

Your heater can stop functioning due to old age. The efficiency of the system diminishes over time due to natural wear and tear. Typically, hot water systems last ten years, but this depends on the usage and maintenance. So, if you have used your unit for this period or longer, you should contact an electrician to replace it. 

You need to have a functional hot water system for things to run smoothly in your home. Therefore, you should contact an electrician when you encounter any of the issues discussed above.