3 Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

A surge protector regulates your device's voltage when power surges occur due to lightning strikes, power grid malfunctions or faulty wiring. Without proper surge protection in your home, your electrical appliances are at risk of electrical damage or, even worse, electrical fires. Surge protectors keep your home's electrical devices safe and functional.  

Check out compelling reasons why you should upgrade to whole house surge protection.

Prevent Electrical Damage

A power surge can inflict severe damage on your electrical system, together with all the connected devices. So, you should install surge protectors, especially if you have expensive appliances in your home. 

Surges can cause irreparable damage to your modern appliance and render it useless. In addition, a power surge can damage your device internally. Your appliance may seem to work normally, but the internal damage significantly shortens the appliance's life.

As a result, you spend more money on replacements and repairs. Some expensive appliances (like kitchen appliances, audio equipment, fridges, and computers) can set you back thousands of dollars if they completely break down.

Save Energy and Money

Whole house surge protectors are energy efficient and can help you conserve energy as you run your appliances. As a result, you pay less in electrical bills. Also, a strong power surge can ruin the wiring hidden behind walls or even destroy your service panel. You end up spending a ton of money on repairs if your electrical panel and wiring systems get damaged.

Additionally, if you leave your household items unprotected, your HVAC systems and other big appliances will require frequent maintenance to keep them functional. Luckily, a surge protector lowers the maintenance calls you make, which translates to more money in your pocket. 

Affordable Solutions

An electrical panel upgrade or an overhaul of the entire wiring system can eliminate most of the electrical issues in your home. However, these services don't come cheap. You don't have to break the bank to avoid such expenses, thanks to whole house surge protection.

An electrician can install surge protection devices in the electrical panel to keep the current flow in check. If voltage suddenly rises, a whole house surge protector will limit the electric current to prevent a power overload that could ruin your electrical system. 

The installation cost of a whole house surge protector is also relatively low compared to the cost you would incur to repair a damaged appliance. If whole house surge protectors fail, you will incur lower costs to repair and replace them.

Power surges don't happen every day, but they can wreak havoc on your electrical devices or even cause electrical fires. Luckily, you can install whole-house surge protectors to protect your home against surge-related damages. Talk to an electrician to understand more about whole house surge protection.